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Policy on the Use of WEL Brand Name, Logos, Product Images, and Related Materials


WEL is pleased to allow its customers the use of WEL's name and trademarks for the purpose of properly promoting sales of its products and strengthening the relationship with its customers. This policy is intended to define the legal terms under which WEL is willing to allow use of this property by outside companies.


Use of the WEL brand name, logos, product images, and related information (in print- and/or electronic-forms) (hereinafter WEL Property") is limited to WEL-Authorized Resellers, Authorized Dealers and Authorized Systems Integrators (hereinafter "User"). An "Authorized Reseller" is defined as a company that purchases WEL products directly from WEL or through one of its Authorized Distributors, and resells WEL products to end-users. An "Authorized Distributor" is defined as a company that has a CCP agreement in effect directly with WEL that stocks and resells WEL products to Resellers. An "Authorized Systems Integrator" is defined as an Authorized Reseller with engineering capability that designs and installs integrated systems using WEL products. Companies are specifically prohibited from using the terms "Authorized Dealer", "Authorized Distributor", or "Authorized Systems Integrator", unless they meet the specific qualifications described herein.




WEL grants User permission to use the WEL Property subject to the following conditions: (1) all advertising of User clearly indicates that it is advertising of User, and is not advertising of WEL; (2) User's advertising does not imply or suggest an association between User and WEL other than that of buyer and seller; (3) User's use of the WEL Property positively represents WEL and WEL CCTV equipment and related services in a professional manner; (4) User's trade name is more predominant on User's advertising than WEL trademarks; (5) the appropriate trademark notice ( T or ® ) appears adjacent all WEL federally registered trademarks; (6) the Trademark Statement below appears in or at the end of all advertising wherein any WEL trademarks are used; (7) no modifications of any WEL Property are made; and (8) only WEL RSP product pricing may be used for direct marketing or e-commerce promotion activities. Use for any other purpose is expressly prohibited, and may result in severe civil and criminal liabilities.


The use of WEL Property is authorized ONLY for promotion and sale of WEL products. Use of WEL Property DOES NOT imply on any business association with WEL, other than that of buyer and seller.


WEL reserves the right to review User's advertising and may: (1) specify and require changes to the advertising as a condition of use; or (2) refuse or revoke permission to use WEL's Property by User.




WEL trademarks are to be used in association with WEL products according to the terms and conditions stated above. When Pelco trademarks are used for the purpose of demonstrating an association between another company and WEL, permission is granted for their use provided that: (1) User is qualified as either an Authorized Dealer, Authorized Distributor, or Authorized Systems Integrator as defined above; (2) the applicable legend, "Authorized WEL Dealer, "Authorized WEL Distributor", or "Authorized WEL Systems Integrator" appears below User's trade name; and (3) WEL has not specifically denied permission to User. WEL trademarks may not be used in any way that gives the impression that User is part of WEL, or is the EXCLUSIVE Agent, Dealer, or Distributor for WEL.


Trademark Statement


The following Trademark Statement must appear on any document that contains a WEL trademark: 

"[the appropriate WEL trademark(s)] is a (are) trademark(s) of WEL, and may be registered in certain jurisdictions."


Permission to use WEL Property for any other purpose is not granted, and must be specifically obtained in writing from the WEL Marketing & Communications Department.


WEL reserves the right to deny or revoke permission to use any of the WEL Property for any or no reason at any time.

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